Welcome to the Document Liberation Project! Please join us as we improve our tools designed to free users from proprietary file formats!

We are looking for contributors in the following areas:

Code development

Would you like to help with one of the existing libraries, or start a new one?

Understanding and documenting file formats

Most proprietary file formats are undocumented. We always need help understanding the structure of new and undocumented formats. (Our preferred way to visualize documents is using the OLEToy tool.)

Preparation of sample documents

For regression testing of existing import libraries, we need sample documents. The creation of a good set of sample documents is a time-intensive but valuable task, as it should preferably cover all details of the format. Because formats often change from one version of an application to another, we typically need to re-create the set of sample documents once for each version of a format.

Creating sample documents is an easy way to contribute to the Document Liberation Project. All you'll need is access to one of our target applications and knowledge of how to use it.

I'm convinced! Where do I sign up?

Eager to start working with us? Ready to start hacking on code? Livid that we don't have a cuddly mascot yet? Want to contribute in a way not listed above? Please tell us all about it: